Human siRNA Screening

Please note. Currently, the Human siRNA screens are only available to Yorkshire based cancer research groups.

The SRSF now offers genome-wide siRNA screening using the Dharmacon On-Target Plus siRNA Human Genome collection to research groups only based in the county of Yorkshire, UK, as part of Yorkshire Cancer Research Funding.

The library is arrayed in a similar format to the Drosophila collection in 384 well format and is ready for cell transfection. Other formulations and concentrations of siRNAs can be arrayed so please contact the facility manager for more information about bespoke libraries. However, a cost will be associated with new layouts/reagents, so the cheapest and quickest option is to develop your assay with SRSF standard reagents.

The siRNA reagents will work against Human cell types that are capable of being transfected. The siRNA genome collection comes as a 384 well, 58 plate collection at 30nM final concentration.

Human siRNA screening fees

High Content Screening plate collection of the genome 1x £3.5K (OTP library) (not recommended for a genome-wide screen)

Equipment instruction free (The cost of this service is built into the library costs)

First 5 hours free for assay development on the ImageXpress Micro High Content Microscope

Human siRNAs for further analysis

Users supply their own media, cells and transfectant. Small amounts of plates are supplied by the SRSF for testing purposes.

NB. As part of the YCR funded library, YCR funded groups have a discount per replicate of £756 for the cost of the siRNAs and £400 for the plates, however all other costs have to be covered.

Essential Information

Genome-wide RNAi screen are useful in identifying genes involved in a given process, whether that be in the fundamentals of cell biology or for biomedical purposes. If you are wishing to identify genes playing a role in a process or an idea that you want to pursue, then RNAi screens can be used for a functional genomic approach identifying the components of that pathway.

siRNA screens can provide the bedrock for in a successful gene identification process. Most screens begin with a specific biological question orientated assay that has been developed within a host lab, although more general fishing generic screens have been completed at the SRSF.

Application to Screen

The Human siRNA reagents are supplied through YCR funding and are part of the Functional Cancer Screening Program at the University of Sheffield.

The Sheffield Functional Cancer Screening Program consists of a High throughput DNA Sequencing Facility, Mass Spectroscopy/Proteomics Facility and the Human siRNA Screening Facility. Enquiries should be addressed to Dr.Stephen Brown via our contact form..

All equipment use is charged per hour and there is a flat fee for consumables and waste management. For more details regarding costs see the Human siRNA charges page. Once you have made contact you will get an idea of what is required for your project, an estimate of charges and a time scale. During busier times queues are likely, as equipment is shared with the Drosophila Screening Facility.