Frequently Asked Questions

How long will a screen take and how long will I be in Sheffield?

For high content screens we think about 3 weeks, for the other types of screens 2 weeks. You will have to bring your cells, media and FCS etc to the facility several weeks ahead of time so that we can grow enough cells for the screen. We will usually help with this step before you get screening.

How long will it take to analyse my data?

Analysis can take some time, especially for high content screens, and 2-4 weeks are certainly possible. We aim to be flexible with regarding to the time needed to analyse your data and have 3 analysis / assay development workstations available for this. However, we do need to maintain screening throughput and so have to give priority to the next screening groups at some stage.

Are there researchers I can interact with outside the screening facility during my stay?

The School of Biosciences in the Faculty of Science at the University of Sheffield brings together researchers from across the full breadth of biology. The SRSF is part of the school, which also has a healthy Drosophila community.

Do I get a bench or a place to put my laptop?

We have limited desk and bench space in the facility and in our host department. There are ethernet ports in the lab and office areas.

Are there computers I can use?

The facility includes three dual boot Mac/PC workstations that can be used for analysis purposes and general computing tasks. They run Mac OSX and Windows XP

Do the facility staff help us screen and what do we have to do?

Dr. Stephen Brown (Manager) and Miss Lucie N'Koy (Facility Technician) will help with instruction on equipment and training will be given where necessary. Some time will be given to helping in screening, but users must appreciate this can be variable depending upon the business of the facility.

Can more than one of us come from our lab?

Some screens need multiple hands to help and so you can bring up to three people to help (we have found that more than three people just seem to get in each others way).

Will I get access to the labs?

You will get a pass card and a key to get into the lab, but a deposit of £10 is needed first before we give these out.

What is Sheffield like?

Sheffield is flanked on the west by a National Park called the Peak District, to the North by the Yorkshire Dales and is a vibrant double university city

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What about accommodation for my visit?

We cannot arrange accommodation for you. However, a range or options are available (especially outside term time). Useful links to get you started include: