How to apply for a screen

To apply for a screen, simply download the following Form ( Word document) and email return as an attachment to:

This data will be held in strict confidence and is designed to assist the Facility Management Board to schedule screens to and be able to ensure that facility time is allocated to genome wide screens with a good chance of success. If you would like to discuss any matters before application, please feel free to contact the SRSF manager, Dr Stephen Brown.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some answers to common queries about your application and the process of data.

Where does my data go?

We have a large storage server where the image data will be stored (and backed up to tape). The metadata is stored on different smaller server. You are encouraged to take a copy of your data away with you on a portable hard drive. Access through the web is planed but not yet available. For genome wide high content screens an external 1Tb drive (with USB2 interface) is recommended.

Who owns the data and can I patent it?

The data belongs to you, and is the product of your work and will be protected by non-disclosure agreements signed by the RNAi facility before you start screening (MTA, liability waiver and billing)

However, the Wellcome Trust have stipulated that raw data must be released on-line 18 months after the screen has been analysed or immediately after publication (whichever comes sooner). Please contact us if this is a problem.

What forms will I have to sign or get my Institute to sign before I can commence work?

You will have to complete an inter-institutional agreement between the University of Sheffield RNAi Screening Facility and your host institute. This will include a liability waver for both parties.

Who can access my data?

The staff and leading academics at the facility have full access to all data but will not pass this on or discuss screens with researchers outside the facility. However, the Wellcome Trust have stipulated that raw data will be released on-line 18 months after the screen has been analysed or immediately after publication (whichever comes sooner).

How do I acknowledge the Sheffield RNAi Screening Facility?

The use of any of the facility or reagents that results in data is included in a manuscript for publication, the Sheffield RNAi Screening Facility requests a version of the following recommended statement be included in the Acknowledgements section: "We thank the Sheffield RNAi Screening Facility, Biomedical Sciences, University of Sheffield for providing the RNAi library and reagents used in this study supported by the Wellcome Trust (grant  reference number 084757)”.

The SRSF should be notified of both paper acceptance and publication date so we can keep records of our success for future funding.

Do I have to publish the data?

You can do want you want with the data but we are obliged by the Wellcome Trust to release the data after 18months whether you’ve published or not.

If new analysis methods arise after I complete the screen can I get access to the reanalysis of my data?

If we are running the new analysis methods then we will offer this service. However there may be a fee depending upon the handling and computing time, although we will make this as accessible as possible.

What can I expect to get out of this?

You will get lists of all the raw and processed data and a hit list of all the genes that are significant in your assay with all the analysis that was offered at the time.

How much will the library plates cost?

The library costs include the cost of the sealed plates and the double stranded RNA. Costs associated with library plates are listed on our price list page.

How much will subset libraries cost?

Currently available subset libraries are listed here; and their costs are listed here. Suggestions for new subset libraries are always welcome and should be made via our feedback form and will be considered by the local committee. However, if groups wish to have their own sub-sets made then this is also possible as a variation of our ‘Hit Pick’ service.

What else will I have to pay for?

A fixed one-off fee of £500 is charged for each screen to cover the cost of buying and subsequently disposing of consumables supplied by the facility (eg tissue culture flasks & dishes, pipettes, tips, tubes, PBS etc). Screen-specific reagents, such as tissue culture media & FCS, transfection reagents, antibodies, stains, fixatives and luciferase substrates / buffers are not included in this fee.

Why do I have to bring my own media and FCS ?

Your assay has been developed and optimized using cells used to growing in your media and FCS. It makes sense to keep it that way!

Can you give me cells?

We can currently supply you with S2R+ and Kc167 Drosophila cells and in the future will offer other cell types.

What will I have to bring to the SRSF ?

You will need to bring the cells, the reagents specific for your assay, a detailed protocol and sufficient people to actually do the screen. You also need to be able to take away your data. While 4 to 8Gb memory stick will be enough for a luminetric screen, high content screens will require an external 1Tb hard drive.

Is there a waiting list?

We have a first come first serve policy and later we will have an on-line diary for bookings. Please contact us for information on the current waiting list.

I live outside the UK, can I still apply?

Yes, we are open for any research group.