Screening Week

If you intend screening the whole genome library it is recommended to start by screening the Kinome/Phosphatome library to generate preliminary data, establish data processing workflows and work out any glitches in your protocol.

It is suggested that 2 people from the screening lab come to Sheffield during screen setup as the number of cells, transfections, plates and steps required for setting up are significant. We will assist if we have time but please do not rely on this !

It is probably not feasible to set up more than one genome worth of plates per day. If you are doing a luminetric screen in duplicate (or triplicate) we suggest that you set up one genome on successive days.

Each screening group will have its own tissue culture hood and incubator allocated to it for the duration of the screen to minimise the chances of external contamination.

The screening lab is responsible for supplying the reagents necessary for this (eg. fixatives, luciferase substrates, blocking reagents, DAPI etc).