Screening - Final Preparations

(i) Ensure you have enough healthy happy cells.

(ii) Run your optimised protocol!

(ii) At the assay endpoint plates are processed for analysis by luminomiter, antibody staining etc. Plates will then be measured / imaged. Sufficient training will be provided to allow screeners to setup and use the high content microscope.

(iv) Data analysis approaches should have been developed as part of assay design. We can however assist with packages such as CellHTS or use of the analysis software associated with the high content microscope. Exactly how this aspect of screening will run is still being developed.

(v) Bring a portable hard disk drive (>= 500GB and USB2 interface) to allow you to take high content data home. Smaller USB 'memory stick' type drives (>2GB ) should be sufficient for luciferase screens.